• Dr.
    Jane Chasowy
    Dr. Jane with "Murphy" and "Tailer"

    Dr. Jane grew up in the Niagara Region, unknown to her, around the corner from where Dr. Ivan lived, just outside of the small village of Campden.  Even though the family farm was a fruit farm, there were always plenty of animals around.  Actually, Dr. Jane cannot remember the initial 'spark' that led her to pursue a career working with animals, she just knows that she always wanted to be a Veterinarian. 

    After high school, Dr. Jane began studies at the University of Guelph and after 2 years in a Bachelor of Science program was accepted into the Ontario Veterinary College program and graduated from there in 1978.

    After graduation Dr. Jane began working for Dr.'s Fred and Lynda Harris at the Harris Animal Hospital and continued here after Dr. Ivan purchased the practice in 2005.  She has now spent almost 35 years practicing medicine here in Woodstock and still thoroughly enjoys coming to work each day.  With so many years at the same clinic she has come to know many wonderful people and their amazing pets.  During this time, she has been able to help many of these people through sad times when they have lost beloved family members, and happily welcomed new puppies and kittens into their families.

    Dr. Jane lives in Sweaburg with her husband Curt, a retired high school teacher and has one daughter Katie who lives and works in Toronto.  Away from veterinary medicine her passion is traveling and has organized trips for about 20 close friends.

  • Dr.
    Esther Duschinsky

    Growing up, Dr. Esther traveled extensively to different countries with her family because of her father's work.  During this time her guinea pig 'Lisa' and her dog 'Lucky' traveled to Paris, Chicago and Egypt with her family.  Dr.  Esther's love of animals started at a young age and 'Lisa' and 'Lucky' were both longed for birthday presents.  As she grew up, her love of animals grew and she realized that she wanted to work with animals and that she enjoyed science and wanted to become a veterinarian.

    It took many years to become a vet, first Dr. Esther went to McGill University and completed a 4 year Bachelor of Science Degree, then she went to the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph graduating as a veterinarian in 1998.

    Dr. Esther really enjoys helping people care for their pets.  Dr. Esther takes an interest in veterinary surgery and care of sick pets.  She enjoys solving medical mysteries since cats and dogs can't tell you what is wrong when they aren't feeling well!

    Esther lives in Cambridge with her 2 sons Louis and Henry. Dr. Esther has one cat named 'Juice'. In her occasional spare time, Dr. Esther enjoys yoga and hiking on all the Cambridge trails.