Medical Services - Every pet who comes to our clinic for routine vaccinations or for a health concern receives an in-depth exam and consultation with one of our doctors. A veterinary technician assists in this consultation. During the consultation the doctor and technician will make recommendations to assist you in preventing and addressing pet health concerns.

Wellness Bloodwork - Our doctors and technicians will make recommendations about blood tests. Routine wellness blood screening helps the doctors to assess organ function and detect health problems before pets are showing obvious clinical signs that they are unwell.

In House Lab Services - In addition to sending many blood tests and other samples out to the lab, many tests are done on site to allow our veterinarians to have results quickly. Lab work done on site includes; urine analysis, fecal floatation, fecal trypsin, ear cytology, vaginal cytology, skin cytology and blood work such as PCV and 12 different blood chemistry tests. We also send tests away to a lab that specializes in animals. When specimens are sent out results are usually back within 24 hours.
Surgery - All routine surgeries run by appointment. Spay and Neuter surgeries are booked once routine vaccinations are completed. Other surgical procedures such as mass removals, ophthalmic surgeries and dental surgeries are booked after consultation with the doctor.

Dentistry - Dental disease is one of the most common concerns that vets see in both dogs and cats. As pets age, they can develop periodontal disease and severe dental infections which cause oral pain and discomfort. For this reason, dental care is an important focus in our clinic. We will explain home dental care, and we recommend dental diets. If the dental disease has progressed, the pet may need in clinic dental procedures. All dental procedures are performed under general anesthetic. While the pet is sleeping, we scale off tartar deposits and then the teeth are polished smooth. Dental charting is performed and unhealthy teeth are surgically extracted to prevent pain and infection.

Radiology - X-rays are taken and developed on site. We can take excellent quality X-rays and we perform barium series when needed to help diagnose gastro intestinal concerns.

Heartworm Prevention and Flea Control - We carry many different products to protect your pets against heartworm disease and fleas. Heartworm testing for dogs is done every spring before prevention is started June 1st. Flea control can be started at the same time or earlier depending on the weather. For more information please contact our hospital.

Prescription Pet Foods - We offer many of the top brands of pet food including Royal Canin, Hills and Eukanuba. All of our staff has been trained and is very knowledgeable about all of the foods we carry. If your pet has a particular medical problem we have prescription diets available. We also carry maintenance foods for pets of all ages.


Pet Supplies - We carry a variety of products that are helpful to our clients. Dental care items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste (available in chicken,beef or seafood) dental chews, etc. We carry a variety of healthy treats, house hold cleaning products for those stubborn stains or smells. Shampoos are also available, Aloe and Oatmeal for regular bathing or medicated baths for patients with skin problems. We have staff that can help fit your pet with a head halter to make walking with your dog more enjoyable. The Walk Master or Halti are always in stock in a variety of sizes. We also carry dog toys such as Kongs, Tricky Treat Balls and Buster Cubes.

New Patients Welcome - We are a busy, well established veterinary hospital that has been operating in this location for over 35 years. We are happy to welcome new patients to our faculty.

Grooming Services - We offer complete grooming care for dogs and cats, by appointment only. Grooming gift certificates are available.

Pet Insurance - We currently file claims for our owners who carry insurance for their pets. At this time we offer 4 weeks of free Trupanion pet insurance for any pet 8 weeks to 1 year of age. Please speak to our staff for more details.


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